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Strong of 11+ years experience in SEO, I look for your Big Opportunity to transform your SEO channel in a growth-driving channel.

SEO growth for...

Digital Marketing Agencies

Enhance your SEO workflow for lasting client contracts and revenue.

B2B SaaS

Transform SEO into your lead growth channel with ruthless prioritisation.

Positive Impact businesses

SEO support for eco-conscious and social impact SMBs and startups.


Gain expert SEO insights from the start for sustainable growth.

Be one of 3 quarterly picks for exclusive, free #GiveFirst SEO advice.

A custom offer for your unique SEO challenge

Based on your specific challenges, budget, and needs, I provide the following services. Interested in how I can assist you in reaching your business objectives? Let's have a conversation!
Strategic SEO Lead

I help you navigate your SEO challenges with data-driven growth strategies for long-term success.

Premium SEO Coaching

Tailored coaching to elevate your in-house SEO expertise and performance.

SEO Process 2.0

I'll refine your SEO workflows, ensuring enduring client relationships and revenue growth.

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"Baba is a super experienced SEO expert who understands the needs of technology companies ranging from early-stage startups to scaleups. He is extremely empathetic and supported dozens of my portfolio companies with their SEO strategies resulting in sustainable company growth. He is an energetic and humble human being and his dedication to support entrepreneurs is outstanding."
Martin Olczyk
Managing Director, Techstars Torino
"Baba is one of the most talented SEO experts I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and I’ve worked with many. His ability to shape a well-informed and ambitious strategy that is also realistic and achievable is unique. Baba is equally exceptional in a cross-functional capacity, working very well with stakeholders at all levels of the org."
Ben Saren
Ex-VP Marketing, Mollie
"The redesign project was a big success partially in tribute to Baba's focus on the process. He and the team laid out goals, communication expectations, and desired workflows well before we got into the weeds. It made for perhaps the smoothest site redesign I have ever worked on. I am saying that because 90% of the time redesigns are not smooth."
Andrew Shotland

Insights & Community

I share thoughts, opinions and insights from what I observe in the fields. Follow me or join my events for learnings!
Amsterdam SEO Meetup by Baba SEO
Amsterdam SEO Meetup

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Future SEO Talks

I regularly share my knowledge with non-SEOs to help debunk myths and bring awareness about SEO's impact on business.
Transforming SEO into Business Growth

GrowthTribe webinar
May 14th, 2024

SEO Masterclass For Positive Impact Startups​

Techstars Torino
May 6th, 2024

Closed-door workshop


Podcasts, interviews, other contributions to the SEO community.

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Mar 23rd, 2023

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Feb 7th, 2024

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