Who am I?

Meet Baptiste Hausmann, the driving force behind Baba SEO. Curious to learn more about me? The ideal approach is a direct conversation, but if you’re interested in discovering more beforehand, continue reading below:

My SEO Achievements


First job as an SEO at a large e-commerce fashion & lifestyle startup


Moved to Amsterdam, NL, to become the 1st SEO at Mollie


Won Friends of Search SEO Award 2023 for "No-Dip Website Relaunch of mollie.com"


Helping businesses transform their growth with SEO

What drives me

From SEO is a mystery box, to SEO for growth

Many businesses view SEO as a "magical" channel or a mysterious black box. What motivates me is to shift this perspective, using data to demonstrate that SEO isn't just another channel. When leveraged correctly, it can generate quality leads and sales for any business.

helping organisations that make an impact

I channel my passion for SEO into helping companies that aim to make the world a better place. By assisting these companies in reaching their ideal audience, I experience a profound sense of accomplishment.

sharing my passion of sEO

My passion for SEO stems from the observation, gained through experience, that even the smallest market players can surpass their biggest competitors without needing large budgets or extensive organizations. This is achievable by maintaining focus and strategically leveraging your competitors' strengths to your advantage.

Trusted By

Trusted for...

Baba's strategic approach to SEO as well as collaborative and educational style made for a positive working environment and outstanding results.
Ruth Whitehead
Product Marketer, Decathlon Digital
Baba's approach on how to get things done, and his clear way of presenting and explaining this to a wider (rather SEO-newbie)audience is unmatched. He has delivered substantial results throughout the years. Baba is a true SEO-wizard.
Merijn van Zuidam
Head of Integrations, Mollie
Baba is not just a team player but also someone who fosters a positive and productive environment. His knack for effective communication ensures that everyone involved is on the same page. Baba delivers insights that are not only constructive but also instrumental in enhancing the overall quality of the projects he is involved with.
Robin van der Sar
SEO Consultant, iO

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